Scripts and Programs

I write scripts and programs in R and Python. All of these are open source and free to use, adapt, and modify. Rather than store them here, they are can all be found on the GitHub (a popular place for hosting code, if you've never heard of it).

For details, please see my GitHub page at, or click the octocat to go there. You'll find details of the following projects, including:
A Python program for the combined selection of partitioning schemes and models of molecular evolution. Written in collaboration with Brett Calcott and others. PartitionFinder is under constant development.
This isn't a program, but a repository of well curated partitioned alignments. It's meant as a community resource for those interested in estimating complex models of molecular evolution (such as partitioned models). The idea is that eventually we'll have a large collection of datasets on which to test and compare new methods. If you would like to contribute a dataset, please get in touch with me.
A Python program for making community phylogenies out of 'mega' phylogenies. Created for a project with Owen Atkin at the ANU, studying the evolution of plant respiratory traits at a global scale.
A R package which uses community phylogenies to estimate rates and dates of colonisation and speciation within a particular community (e.g. all the birds i New Zealand). This is for some ongoing work with Lindell Bromham at the ANU.

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