The Lanfear Lab @ANU Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics


Faster partitioning for really big phylogenomic datasets

tl;dr we have a new algorithm for quickly finding good partitioning schemes in PartitionFinder. It’s called rclusterf and you can find it here. Read More...

Two quick plots to visualise gender balance in R

tl;dr Here’s some code to help visualise gender balance in R. The plots show that my department, sadly, has the usual biases. What about yours? Read More...

Why collecting data on gender balance is important

tl;dr Science has a gender bias problem. It’s easy to collect data on this in places you happen to find yourself. Let’s collect data on gender balance and tweet it with #scigenderdata.

Running a non-academic careers workshop for biologists

tl;dr We ran a workshop for non-academic careers following a PhD. Here’s what we did. Read More...